Zilte lucht, zandplaten en land- en kustvogels. Op de Grevelingen komt het mooiste van zoet en zout samen.


Water activities

Grevelingenmeer is a fantastic area for water sports enthusiasts, providing plenty of space, options and facilities for many different water sports, such as sailing, surfing, diving and fishing. Covering 11,000 ha, Grevelingenmeer is the biggest salt water lake in Western Europa. Grevelingen is also a special nature reserve with unique flora and fauna, both above and below water.


At the parking places Kabbelaarsbank and at the Grevelingendam, parking is free.

Mooring fees

Between April 1 and November 1, mooring fees are charged for the use of public moorings. The costs of maintaining and cleaning these public facilities cannot be fully covered from general taxation. The mooring fees regulation is intended as a way to enable users to contribute to these costs.

Prices (prices subject to change)

  • Seven day ticket 2024 €25,45: this ticket is valid for seven calendar days from the day of issue. The ticket must be clearly displayed on the boat.
  • Season ticket 2024 € 95,70: this ticket is valid from April 1 until October 31 and must be clearly displayed on the boat. A season ticket also comes with a flag which should be attached to the mast. The inspector can see from a distance that the owner of the boat has a season ticket.

If no valid ticket and/or flag can be presented during a check, the inspector will require payment of the arrears.

Mooring ticket sales

Season tickets and seven day tickets can be bought from:

  • Various marinas in Grevelingen.   
  • Tourist information offices (VVVs) in the region.   
  • Cafés and restaurants at Grevelingenmeer.   

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