Het zit in onze natuur

Staatsbosbeheer beheert het groene erfgoed van Nederland; 265.000 ha natuur die we beschermen, die je kunt beleven en die we samen met en voor anderen duurzaam benutten.


Staatsbosbeheer is commissioned by the Dutch government to strengthen the position of nature in the Netherlands. As a leading national public body and as land owner and manager of a sizeable amount of nature reserves we work to conserve and develop the Netherlands’ characteristic green heritage.

Together with society, we are committed to ensuring that current and future generations are able to experience the many essential values of nature, balanced with sustainable use of our protected areas.


PO Box 2
3800 AA Amersfoort
The Netherlands

T: + 31 30 69 26 111
F: + 31 30 69 22 978

Visiting address:
Smallepad 5
3811 MG Amersfoort
The Netherlands



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