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Site conditions and the space the animals require means that the Oostvaardersplassen are not completely open to the public. However, this does not detract from the fact that there is a great deal to experience, see and do at the preserve. Whether it be looking at nature, a bicycle ride through surprising vistas or a walk through the dense woods: there are countless opportunities to visit this beautiful, varied environment and to experience the Oostvaardersplassen’s spectacular nature.

AccessibilityKijkhut Oostvaardersplassen

Extensive information on the accessibility of the Oostvaardersplassen including access for the less able-bodied can be found on the ‘Accessibility’ page for the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve.


Staatsbosbeheer annually organises almost 400 excursions at the Oostvaardersplassen. These allow people to visit the site and provide more information on its special character. An overview of excursions can be found under ‘Activities’. This section also provides information on activities for children and the cycling and walking routes.

Staatsbosbeheer also provides regular guided tours for schools, scientists, nature managers or other experts from the Netherlands and abroad. Groups can contact the visitors’ centre for an appointment.

Information centres

The Oostvaardersplassen visitors’ centre is a good starting point for a visit to the site. You can look out across the water with binoculars or check the computers to see which birds have recently been observed. There are maps, guides and brochures and the centre sells regional products.

Nature experience centre De Oostvaarders which was opened in 2009 is located a 2 kilometre walk from Station Almere Oostvaarders.


People who wish to experience the site’s peace and space for a little longer have the option of camping nearby. The Kotterbos houses a nature camp site and a group camp site.