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About Staatsbosbeheer

Drentsche Aa

Staatsbosbeheer is committed to nature and people. We manage 260,000 hectares of the natural and cultural Dutch landscape and enable people to enjoy and use nature in a sustainable manner. This is a major responsibility which we are proud to fulfill. We have opted for the sustainable management of nature with various functions. This means we not only pay attention to nature, but also to recreation, landscape and cultural historical values.


Staatsbosbeheer belongs to and works for all Dutch inhabitants. We look after the interests of nature and landscape, but we also look after the interests of the country’s 16 million inhabitants. All Dutch people are more than welcome to experience nature. 92% of our nature reserves are open for recreation, sports or nature activities. The remaining eight percent are quite vulnerable nature reserves. That is why those sites are closed to the public or opened only to a very limited extent.


We cannot achieve our objectives alone. We need support from society and the various levels of government to be able to fulfill our role as both manager and host to the best of our ability. This is why we seek optimum cooperation with inhabitants and visitors, politicians, and administrative and business parties.