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Natura 2000

Eenden en ganzen

Europe has rich, varied nature with many different species of plant and animal. This great biodiversity has a lot to do with the variety in landscapes and climates. Desiccation, air and water pollution, intensification of agriculture, urbanisation and industrialisation all make species disappear. The quality of nature reserves deteriorates.

European network

This is why the European Commission wishes to safeguard biodiversity by developing a network of the most valuable nature reserves: Natura 2000. This European network of conservation areas is to ensure that no more plants or animals disappear. Providing additional protection for and even better management in these exceptional areas improves nature’s chances.

Nature conservancy

That does not mean that nothing is possible or permitted at Natura 2000 sites. Quite the opposite in fact, Staatsbosbeheer wants everyone to enjoy the beautiful nature in these areas as much as possible. Naturally however, nature comes first in decisions on the usage and management of Natura 2000 sites.

The Netherlands is home to 162 Natura 2000 sites. Staatsbosbeheer is proud of the fact that half its management area consists of Natura 2000 sites.

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