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National Parks

Groote PeelThe Netherlands has 20 national parks. These are large, publically accessible nature reserves which have been assigned special status. Each site has a characteristically Dutch landscape. The parks include dunes, but – for example – also woodlands, heathland and brook valleys. Together these sites tell the story of Dutch nature.

Samenwerkingsverband Nationale Parken

All-in-all the national parks have a total surface area of 120,000 hectares which amounts to almost 3% of the Netherlands. Their management is handled by various organisations. They hereby cooperate in the Samenwerkingsverband Nationale Parken [National Parks Cooperation] . Staatsbosbeheer is part of this cooperation.

Maintaining ecosystems

As a site manager, Staatsbosbeheer is active in fifteen of the twenty national parks and collaborates with others in this manner to retain various ecosystems for mankind, plants and animals.